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Anastasia LaMotta

Anastasia discovered her calling at a young age when she got into a program that taught hair and beauty as a part of the high school curriculum.  After graduation she started working at one of the best salons in New York and training with some of the top stylists around.  Her passion for making people look and feel their best shows in every client she works with and she now offers a concierge hair service for private clients.  Anastasia is also a wife and mother of three who is a master at juggling it all while looking good doing it. 

Gretchen Stamp

Gretchen has been fascinated by the metaphysical realm for as long as she can remember and always considered herself to be very spiritual.  As she got older she recognized the importance of healing from old trauma and wounds in order to become the best versions of ourselves.  She became what she calls a growth-junkie.  After studying with Gabrielle Bernstein for over a year she decided to move to California to pursue a PhD in Transpersonal Psychology.  While there she studied with some of the top people in the field learning everything from embodiment techniques, and spiritual counseling, to holistic sexuality and dream work.  While there she realized the importance food also has in the wellbeing of a person so she went on to get her wellness coaching certification at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.  She is now works with people to help them become the healthiest versions of themselves in mind, body, and spirit. 

Maria Fusco

Maria became interested in wellness after her father died suddenly at a young age.  She was determined to create a healthier life not only for her but for those around her so she got a degree in health education.  After becoming a mother she realized how important yoga was to keeping her healthy and strong for her sons so she decided to get her 200 hr yoga certification and continued to get over 75 hours in additional certifications.  Maria is most known for her yoga work with the special needs and disabled population in the New York area. Her group classes are pure magic with creatively crafted sequences and instruction that speaks to your soul while leaving you sore for days.  She is currently a single mom of two little boys, finding balance between hustle and zen



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