A guide to Adho Mukha Svanasana—- Downward Facing Dog

Ask anyone to name a few yoga postures and most likely they will say Downward Facing Dog. Down Dog is an inversion pose with lots of yummy benefits!

*Stretches the shoulders, hamstrings, calves and hands.

*Strengthens the arms and legs.

*It's a good check in with your body.

*Boosts circulation

*wakes you up…energizes the entire body

*helps calm the nervous system

Being trained in healthy alignment my eyes are always scanning my students for ways I can enhance their asanas and lengthen the life of their yoga practice. So, here is a handy visual to get yourself into a refreshing and safe down dog.

Some common mistakes that people make when doing down dog (as pictured above) are:

-fingers clenched together

-belly sagging

-rounded back

-neck compressed

-face tense & head up

-weight in the outside of the hands

-collapsing weight in shoulders

-heels lifted high

When done properly, downward facing dog will look more like this picture and will contain these elements...

-fingers spread wide

-core engaged

-spine elongated

-heels melting comfortably down

-press floor away to extend spine and take pressure out of wrists

-gaze softly back at navel

-neck lengthened

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