A Guide To Fallen Triangle

Last was a big week for Spirit Society. We launched a series of instagram live classes including my FIRST virtual group yoga class for the Spirit Society community! We are still learning how to make these classes more accessible for everyone but it was so much fun. In the class, I led everyone through a 35 minute full body flow starting with one of my creative butt kicking core flows (would you expect anything less).  I am always looking to hone my teaching skills, and this new climate of virtual teaching is giving me the opportunity to do just that. I asked for feedback from everyone who took the class and after reading through all the messages, one thing was clear....a fallen triangle tutorial was in order! I realized that my directions just didn't translate through the computer screen. Soooo, here you go...step by step instructions with visuals and some fun ways to make the pose more challenging. Have fun and I cant wait to see you all in my next Instagram Live yoga class!

Once you have mastered the pose, try out these fun variations.

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