Beauty Tip: Go Green

Whenever March hits I start seeing green. The coldest month is finished which means spring is on the way but we still dont have the colors that come with spring. What we do have though, is a lot of green. This got me thinking not only about how important green things are to eat, but also how we can use them on the outside as well.

One green thing I love is spirulina and every time I make a shake I put that in there. I use it to boost my immunity but there are a ton more benefits to taking it. Spirulina has been shown to detox your body of heavy metals, as well as combat candida in order to maintain a healthy microbiome. It improves immunity, and also lowers blood pressure. Its also really good for boosting energy and weight loss. To find out some more information on this superfood and the brand that we like check out our past blog.

Injesting spirulina is good for your skin and hair, but applying it to your hair is also really good. Spirulina is high in protein, which when applied to the hair strengthens and nourishes it. It also contains a lot of minerals such as iron which promotes growth and helps keep it tame. These combined make spirulina the perfect ingredient for dry, frizzy, brittle hair. Thats why I love this spirulina protein smoothing spray from IGK because its like an instant at home frizz control treatment. I use it on dry hair before styling it and it makes my hair look so smooth and shiny. Its also a really great heat protectant so spray it on your hair before using a curling or flat iron to keep your hair safe.

Try these products out and let us know what you think in the comments or tag us with your results on instagram. Happy Spring!

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