Beauty tricks for Quarantine Life

I know a lot of people are freaking out right now because they cant get their usual beauty treatments. Our hair is getting way too long, our greys are coming in, and our cuticles are looking rough. So I wanted to take some time to talk about some simple tips you can do at home to hold you over until you can get back into the salon.

Tip 1

Overgrown bangs can be super annoying because they fall in your eyes and aren't long enough to tuck behind your ears. However, bangs are really easy to cut yourself. The trick is to gather your bangs together into the center of your face and hold them between your pointer and middle finger on your non dominate hand (look at the picture above as a reference). Pinching them in the center of your face and cutting there creates a natural line that softly gets longer towards the sides of your face. Once gathered in the center, slide your non dominate hand down until it is a little below the length you want. With hair cutting shears, cut just above your pointer and middle fingers using them as a guide. If you want a layered look gather your bangs in the center of your face again this time pulling them straight up from the root towards the ceiling. Again slide your pointer and middle finger up to where you want to cut and this time cut right above them. Then style as usual and lightly spot trim any pieces to give them shape.

Tip 2

A quick tip to cover a few grays that are coming in is to use mascara or eyebrow gel. Just take the wand of either product and brush it through your hair where there are grays. It works perfectly to camouflage them. Another great way to hide them is to wear headbands or a cute hat.

Tip 3

To help keep your nails in good shape you have to start with your cuticles. Jojoba oil works really well to keep your cuticles soft and your nail beds healthy. Try rubbing a little jojoba oil on your cuticles every morning. Another tip is to file your nails once a week to keep them from breaking.

Tip 4

Embrace where you are and how you look. The most important thing you can do for your beauty routine is to be confident. The more you accept how you look the more others will as well. I recognize that a lot of people use looking good to make themselves feel good, and I can relate, so by all means get dressed and do your hair and put on makeup if that makes you feel good. But dont freak out about your hair or nails are not looking salon perfect. Instead, maybe we can all learn to embrace our natural beauty and feel good in the skin we are in.

I hope this helps you get through however long we will be social distancing. If you have any questions about the tips discussed here or if you have something that you have been doing which works well, please let me know in the comments. Be well and be safe.

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