Fitness Friday Workout

We are back with another full body killer workout this week. This week we are using only one weight but that is optional. If you dont have any weights you can use a book, water bottle or just body weight. To really feel the burn do the three to four rounds of the entire thing.


Bended waist leg lifts - Stand with feet together and hands up at the chest with a weight between them. Bend at the waist and lean forward while lifting your right leg out straight behind you and then return to starting position. Repeat this time raising the left leg. Do ten reps on each side for a total of twenty.

Downward Dog Leg to Chest - Start in a downward dog positions with your hands and feet on the floor and your bottom reaching into the air so your body is forming a V. Rock forward so that your your shoulders are above your hands and you are in a plank position and bring your right leg up towards your chest and through your arms. Return to downward dog. Repeat this time raising the left knee. Do ten reps on each side for a total of twenty.

Side Plank Hip Raises - Start out in a side plank on your right side with your right forearm on the ground and your hips, shoulders and feet stacked. Lift your left hip up to the sky and lower it back down. Do ten reps on the right then move to the left side and repeat on the left doing ten reps on the left.

Laying Down Toe Touches - Lay down flat with your arms raised above your head. Raise your your arm, head, right shoulder, and left leg up towards the sky while contracting your abs. Touch your hand to your toe and then lower your left leg and right hand down to the starting position. Repeat by bringing your left arm and right leg up and touch your hand to toe. Do ten reps on each side for a total of twenty.

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