Five Ways to Celebrate Earth DAy 2020

Shhhh, do you hear that? It's the earth taking a giant exhale. With large parts of the world staying at home, Mother Earth is getting a much needed break and is doing better than she has in years. The air quality has improved, the oceans are clearer, seismic vibration levels have dropped and noise pollution has been drastically decreased. While it may have been stressful for us, it has been the perfect gift for our collective mother. So how can we continue this regeneration process? We are giving you some easy ways to do your part and celebrate Earth Day safely this year.

Go Green

There are easy ways to increase your conservation efforts at home. We wont lie, we are almost glad that there is a shortage of paper goods right now because it is forcing people to reduce the amount of toilet paper and paper towels they use and figure out alternatives. Some great ways to do this are to use reusable rags and sponges to clean with instead of paper towels. You can even cut up an old t-shirt into strips instead of buying rags. After a few uses throw the rag in the wash and then reuse. A great way to conserve toilet paper, on the other hand, is to get a bidet. We know most people don’t want to spend the money, nor do they have the space to put a bidet in. However, hello tushy has these amazing bidets that are inexpensive and attach right onto your existing toilet bowl. They don't require any electricity or additional plumbing, and the setup is super simple. Using something like this after going to the bathroom and then just using a couple of squares of toilet paper to dry up drastically reduces your toilet paper consumption. Other ways you can go green are to use reusable bags and non-toxic cleaning products, replace inefficient incandescent light bulbs with efficient CFLs or LEDs, and use refillable water bottles instead of buying plastic bottles.

Go Digital

Due to social distancing, Earth day celebrations are happening online this year. Check out these links from earth day org and seawalls to find out what events are happening every day this week. Another great way you can contribute virtually is to make an online donation to any environmental charity of your choice if you have the means to do so.

Shop Sustainably

When shopping try to look for companies that produce products sustainably by using less water or CO2 for example. Everlane and Levi are two clothing companies that are making huge efforts to reduce their impact on the environment. There are also products that you can use at home that are produced sustainably and can replace environmentally harmful products you may be using. Try some of these out:

Give Back

The Earth has given us so much for millions of years, it is only right we give back. The perfect way to do this is to plant something. If every single person planted one tree on Earth day, that would have a major positive impact on the world. You can also plant an organic vegetable and herb garden. If you don't have a lot of space, raised garden beds work great and plenty of veggies can be grown in pots. This is actually the perfect time for this as many grocery stores are having a difficult time staying stocked, so might as well grow your own food. Try to practice organic gardening practices though, so that you aren't adding toxins into the earth. Another great way to give back is to plant pollinators or flowers and plants that attract bees, as the world's bee population is dwindling and they are crucial to the health of the planet.

Take a Bath

We aren't talking about the kind of bath you take in your tub, but a nature bath. Nature bathing helps feel more connected to the natural world and it also has amazing health benefits. Studies have shown that spending time in nature and with the earth can reduce inflammation, reduce free radicals in the body, calm the nervous system, and increase immunity. Take an earth bath by laying on the bare earth (no towel or mat), a moon bath by bathing in the light of the moon, a forest bath by sitting in a forest (if you are near one), or soak in some natural water like a pond, stream, lake, or ocean. Do that a few times a week and see how amazing you feel.

Whatever it is you decide to do today, we hope you enjoy it and that the Earth does as well. We would love to hear if you did any of the above activities or if you have another way that you like to celebrate Earth Day. Let us know in the comments below.

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