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Updated: Mar 26, 2020

A lot of people ask me what I do for my skin that makes it look so good and why I never have under eye circles, wrinkles, or puffiness. The first thing that I always tell people is that I get a lot of sleep. This is one of the most important things you can do for you skin. When you dont get enough sleep it creates inflammation which causes puffiness and those pesky under eye bags. So I thought I would give you my night time routine to get the best beauty rest and a full night sleep.

I always make sure to get at least eight hours of sleep but I know that might not be possible for everyone, so I suggest anywhere from six to eight hours at least. My first tip on how to do this is to stop drinking coffee or any caffeine after 2 pm. I also have a really good relationship with sleep. Like I LOVE it. So I suggest getting excited about going to bed. Then create a night time routine. So for me after my kids go to bed I dont start cleaning, I dont watch tv, and I dont get on the computer. Instead I do the same thing every night to signal that it is time to go to bed. It's all about relaxing yourself, so find what relaxes you and then do that every night.

The first part of my routine is washing my face. You have to wash your face, whether you have makeup on or not, you have still been walking around and accumulating stuff on your skin from the air, environment, and you have been touching your face with your dirty hands. So you have to wash that all off. Then I apply an overnight hydrating mask to nourish my skin while I sleep. I love this brand but there are so many out there so use what works for you.

I have also found that rubbing lotion on my myself is very relaxing. I literally keep a jar of lotion next to my bed. I lay in bed and put lotion all over my body. I love this brand because it smells amazing and it's such a clean product. I like to really breathe in the lotion not only because it smells so good but by doing that I am taking deep breaths, which also helps me to relax. I also breathe in the essential oils like stress away and aroma ease that I put in the diffuser both of which are very soothing. Once all of that is done I sometimes sip on hot decaf tea and I always read a book. To be honest, I usually only make it through a page because by then I’m so tired, but I always like to at least try.

Another thing I do is sleep on a satin pillow case. This great for the skin and your hair. It helps tame frizzy hair and also helps to prevent wrinkles. The reason behind this is because the pillow case is so silky and smooth that it doesn’t create friction on the skin. It also helps to retain moisture in the skin and hair which keeps both smooth.

If for some reason I do wake up with under eye bags, which rarely ever happens, I have this great eye mask that reduces puffiness around the eye. I keep it in the freezer and if I wake up feeling puffy I just throw it on for 20 minutes and it really helps.

Even if you aren’t tired, just do your routine at the same time every night and you will get tired. You need to shut your brain off and doing the same thing every night really helps to do that. Try the things I have suggested above or come up with your own. If you have any other tips that you have for getting good night rest share them with us in the comments or on instagram. Nighty night, and sweet dreams.

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