Getting to know anastasia

Anastasia is one of the founding members of Spirit Society. Anastasia discovered her calling at a young age when she got into a program that taught hair and beauty as a part of the high school curriculum.  After graduation she started working at one of the best salons in New York and training with some of the top stylists around.  Her passion for making people look and feel their best shows in every client she works with and she now offers a concierge hair service for private clients.  Anastasia is also a wife and mother of three who is a master at juggling it all while looking good doing it.

We sat down with Stasia and asked her some questions so that you could get to know her better and so that she could tell you why she started spirit society.

G: What do you like most about being a hairstylist?

A: I love making people feel good about themselves, thats the best part for me.

G: Why do you think that doing someone’s hair makes them feel better about themselves?

A: A lot of people don't know how to do their hair, and I think that hair is so important to the way we feel about ourselves. First, it’s one of the first things that people notice but also I have realized over the years that a lot of people feel like their hair is a security blanket. And I find that no matter what is going on in someone’s life; whether they gain weight or something else is going on, if they get a blow out they immediately feel better.

G: That is so true, when my hair looks good I feel better.

A: Exactly

G: So why did you want to start spirit society?

A: Because my friend kept harassing me! (Laughs)

G: (Laughing) Thats because I knew you would be the perfect person to start it with me, and I was right!

A: Ok, ok but honestly I wanted to start it because the modern hippies and people who are trying to go all natural often times don’t realize that they can still be stylish while also being healthy. It’s not a choice between the two. And there are so many make-up and hair products out there now that are non-toxic and I want to introduce people to them. When I first decided to go non-toxic with my beauty supplies, I tried so many products that didn’t work at all and I wound up having to throw them all out. And now, I have tried them all and I know what works so I don’t want people to waste money on junk, when I can just tell them what actually works. I also really want to work with moms who think that they don’t have time to look good or that it doesn’t matter how they look because they think no one is looking at them. I actually had a woman who is a mother tell me once, “what does it matter how I look? No one is looking at me anyway”. But it doesn’t matter who is looking at you, it’s about making yourself feel good. Because you are looking at yourself and ya know what, your kids are looking at you too. And honestly it takes about 10 minutes to look good and I want to show people how to do that.

G: I love that. So is that what you are hoping people will learn by being a part of spirit society?

A: Yeah, I want them to learn what products to buy and how to use them. I want to them to know how easy it is to look and feel good. I want them to know the quick and easy tips that will take no time in the morning, so you can get out the door fast and still look good, which I think means that they will also feel good.

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