How to Get Firmer, Younger looking skin in 15 minutes

If you have ever been to a Chinese Medicine doctor, you may have had cupping done, or you might remember when everyone went crazy over the big circular bruises Gwyneth Paltrow was sporting on her back a few years ago. Those bruises were from cupping. Cupping uses glass cups of different sizes and heat to create a suction on the back or some area of your body. The cup is then left on for a period of time and sucks toxins out of that area. It is believed that the darker the bruise, the more toxins have been released. However, this technique can also be used on your face for firmer, younger looking skin. In a cupping facial, you use smaller plastic cups in a technique that doesn't leave behind any weird bruising and the benefits are amazing. Cupping facials stimulate collagen production leaving your skin smoother and more firm, they reduce puffiness, and leave the skin glowing. After a couple of uses it also can reduce fine lines, lighten dark spots, and reduce pore size. Not to mention it is super relaxing. Watch the video below to learn how to give yourself a cupping massage and get my extra secret tip for how to plump your lips.

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