How To Give Yourself a Non-Toxic Manicure

I love a good manicure as much as anyone else. I especially got into them after my husband got me the most beautiful ring for our anniversary and I wanted to keep my nails looking good for the ring. However, I hated all the toxic chemicals that were in the products that most nail salons use. I would always get so light headed and just feel gross whenever I left the nail salon, and my friends started telling me that they were getting respiratory infections every time they went to get a manicure, so I started doing my own nails.

After doing some research I have found that the most toxic chemicals in nail polish are formaldehyde, toluene, and DBP. These chemicals are know carcinogens, nervous system disruptors, and hormone inhibitors. The effects of using these chemicals range from cancer to infertility. A lot of nail polishes are now taking these chemicals out and can be recognized by their 3-free label. However, there are other toxins in nail polish, which can cause anything from yellowing nails and irritability to liver damage. This is why I aim for nail polishes that are at least 7-free, meaning that they are free of seven of the most harmful chemicals. Here are some of my favorites.

Zoya - This 10-free brand works well and has over 400 different shades, giving you lots of options. I use this brand most frequently. Buy here.

Cote - Not only is this brand 10-free but it is also vegan and cruelty free. It provides a long lasting shine with over 120 different colors. Buy here.

Sundays - This brand is also 10-free, vegan and cruelty free and the brush design makes it super easy to apply. Buy here.

Smith and Cult - This polish wins the award for lasting the longest while delivering a high shine. It also has the prettiest bottle. Its 8-free and vegan and cruelty free. Buy here.

Butter - An 8-free polish that goes on with a gel-like finish. Buy here.

Tenoverten - This brand has not only removed 8 of the most harmful toxins from their polishes, but they have replaced them with essential oils, vitamin E, and aloe to help restore your nails and keep them healthy. Buy here.

Olive and June - A 7-free brand that has made it their mission to make at home manicures as easy as possible. Buy here.

When doing a manicure, the first thing I do is remove any old polish. However, nail polish removers can be just as harmful, so be sure to use one that is also non-toxic.. Most of the company's above make non-toxic nail polish remover but we also like Blossom and Karma. I then file down my nails and rub some jojoba oil on my cuticles. Next comes the polish. I start with a base coat, then do two coats of the color of choice, and follow up with a top coat (all of the above brands make a base and top coat). Make sure that the nails are fully dry in between each coat of polish to prevent chipping and smudges. I recommend using a nail dryer to ensure your nails are dry and drastically improve your at home manicure experience. If you want one just for nails this one is good or you can get a little fancy and get one that dries both finger and toe nails.

I would love to hear how your manicure turned out and which brand and color you went with! Or if you have another brand that I did mention here and you are loving right now, let me know in the comments.

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