How to Grow Celery from the base

I have recently started juicing celery again because I know how good the Medical Medium says it is for you. It is also one of the only things that prevents me from bloating and keeps me regular. However, fitting all of the bunches of celery in my fridge isn't easy and it was getting a bit expensive. So when I started my garden a couple of weeks ago, I knew I wanted to grow some celery. After looking up information on line I discovered that you can grow celery from the base of the stalks you buy at the store. I tried it out and it worked so well, that I wanted to share it with you.

It's honestly so easy to do that anyone can do it, even those without a green thumb. After you have cut away all of the stalks, take the base and rinse it off. Place it in a shallow bowl of water so that it is submerged about a quarter of the way (do not cover with water). Place the bowl with the celery in a place that gets good sunlight. Check on the water level every day to make sure there is still enough in the bowl and it's a good idea to replace the water completely every few days. After just five days you should start seeing some celery leaves sprouting up from the middle of the stalk. This is your fresh bunch of celery that is beginning. After about 8 -10 days you should start to see some stalks of celery with leaves coming up, this is when you know its ready to be planted. Dig a hole in your garden (or a planter) big enough to place the base in and cover the old base completely so that just the new growth is showing. Water every day and watch as the celery grows and is big enough for you to harvest and use.

Now every time I use celery I do this, and I have quite a few celery plants going. It's amazing how fast they grow, and pretty soon I wont be buying any new celery from the store because I can just keep recycling them over and over again. I wish I lived somewhere warm so I could do this all year round but at least for a few months I will be all set with celery. Try it out and let me know how it goes.

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