How to Prevent Your Hands From Drying out Due To Over-washing.

I have always been a big hand moisturizing person. I swear there is a bottle of lotion with me at all times so that I can keep my hands feeling and looking good. But with all of the extra hand washing that is going on these days, I am finding it extra hard to keep my hands from drying out even with all the lotion I use. So I wanted to walk you through a simple hand treatment, containing healthy fats, oleic acid, and antioxidants which work together to leave your hands feeling soft, smooth and moisturized.

First Step: Exfoliate

In a bowl mix 2 tablespoons of your favorite organic oil (coconut, olive, avocado, almond, jojoba) and 1 tablespoon of brown sugar. Then massage the mixture all over your hands for at least five minutes. This will remove any dead skin and open the pores to allow more moisture in.

Second Step: Moisturize

Combine the following ingredients in a bowl:

1/2 mashed avocado (I recommend using one that is over ripened and brown so you dont waste a good avocado)

1/2 mashed banana

1 tablespoon Cacao butter melted

1 dropper of vitamin E oil

Before going to bed smooth the mixture all over your hands and then put fabric gloves on. If you dont have fabric gloves you can use a sock with an elastic band around your wrist to secure them. Leave the on over night and wash off in the morning. Moisturize as usual.

This mask is a great addition to your night time routine. Beyond keeping your hands hydrated this mask will also prevent wrinkles because who wants wrinkly hands? The only warning I have is that after doing this hand mask, you (and possibly who ever you live with) will not be able to stop touching your hands because they will feel so good. I recommend doing this once a week to keep your hands from drying out. Let me know what you think in comments below.

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