How to Wear Hair Clips: Three ways

Hair clips are all the rage right now. Everyone is wearing them and they look so cute. I am especially loving the glitter word clips, but I also love a simpler clip or even a pearl clip. The best part is that you can wear them in so many different ways, from updos, to just wearing one, to mixing and matching them all together. However, the possibilities can be overwhelming so I wanted to walk you through a few different styles that you can easily do yourself.

1. Throw your hair up in a high bun and mix and match different clips going up the back of your head from the hairline up to the bun.

2. Create loose curls with a curling iron and part your hair in a deep side part. Stack a couple of clips above your ear on the side with less hair.

3. Twist your hair into a low braid and pull a couple of strands out to frame your face. Place one clip off to the side at the top of the braid.

Try any of the hairstyles we showed you today or just get creative on your own. We would love to see how it comes out so post a picture and tag us on instagram. Let us know your favorite in the comments below.

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