Introducing Maria

Maria became interested in wellness after her father died suddenly at a young age.  She was determined to create a healthier life not only for her but for those around her so she got a degree in health education.  After becoming a mother she realized how important yoga was to keeping her healthy and strong for her sons so she decided to get her 200 hr yoga certification and continued to get over 75 hours in additional certifications.  Maria is most known for her yoga work with the special needs and disabled population in the New York area. Her group classes are pure magic with creatively crafted sequences and instruction that speaks to your soul while leaving you sore for days.  She is currently a single mom of two little boys, finding balance between hustle and zen

We sat down with Maria and asked her some questions so that you could get to know her better and so that she could tell you why she started spirit society.

G: What do you like best about being a yoga instructor?

M: Well lets be real…..I get to wear yoga clothes to work everyday! ( laughs)

G: (Laughing) Oh my gosh, I know I am so jealous of you sometimes!

M: (Laughing) I know its pretty great. Ok, ok….Let’s be serious, everyday I go to work and get to offer this incredible practice of yoga to my students. I never know exactly whats going on in my students lives. Sometimes they come in and I can tell something’s up. I can feel their energy, and my class or private session with them might be the only sense of peace they have all day. We work through physical ailments, emotional roller coasters, self reflection and the process of having a committed spiritual practice. One of the biggest take aways I try to encourage my students to have is to live their yoga OFF THEIR MAT. Yoga isn’t just about touching our toes or how hard we work our core, although if you’ve been in one of my classes, you know I LOVE CORE WORK..

G: Boy do you ever! (laughs)

M: (laughs) Yeah I do, but it’s truly about the lessons, the principles, the breath work, the feeling states we create and bringing them into our lives and the lives of those around us. In order for me to show up everyday and be an effective yoga instructor, I have to live the practice off the mat as well. No matter what my day looks like or how stressed my life is, I have a job to do and I take that to heart. Everyday I watch pure transformation happen…. I get to witness people changing their lives….THAT is what i love most about being a yoga instructor.

G: Oh I love that! So why did you want to start spirit society?

M: I’ve always wanted to be part of something larger, meet and reach even more people. You and I have been spirituality sisters for many years, we attended events together, challenged each other and worked towards living a life in line with everything we believe in. When I started getting to know Anastasia and found out she was joining us, I knew this was meant to be! We all bring something different to Spirit Society….I love learning from both of you. It feels so good to connect, brainstorm and create all together. We have so many big plans for this community!

G: Yeah we do! What are you hoping people will learn by being a part of spirit society?

M: In yoga we have what we call our Kula. Kula is a sanskrit word that can be translated as “community, “clan”, or “tribe”. My hope is that the members of our spirit society community always feels part of something, and that they always feel supported and included. They know that have a place to vent when they’ve experienced pain or anxiety, when they’re looking for an all natural conditioner, they need a guided mediation on demand, a kick ass core workout or sugar free muffin recipe! What we are building here at Spirit Society will have it all! I am so excited to grow this community and watch it all unfold.

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