Is Life the Ultimate Celebration?

Celebrations are hard these days with everyone social distancing. We have all seen the drive by birthday parades or zoom parties, but I have heard from almost everyone that it doesn't feel like enough, that they wanted to be able to do more. It got me thinking about celebrations in general and what we would normally be doing if we weren't all quarantined. I thought about birthdays, weddings, baby showers, retirements, and holidays that we have all celebrated. Then I began thinking about the times in between celebrations. The quiet times when it felt like nothing was happening for us to celebrate and so we didn't. I thought of all the moments that went by without even so much as an acknowledgement just because nothing big enough happened for us to notice let alone celebrate. But life isn't only made up of the big moments, it's made up of the small every day moments, the small choices we make throughout the day. So why dont we celebrate those?

Then I had a thought, what if life was reason enough to celebrate. What if the simple act of waking up in the morning could be celebrated. Oprah Winfrey has said that every morning when she wakes up the first thing she says is, “Thank you”. How beautiful is that? Honestly, if there were ever a time to be grateful and to celebrate just waking up and being alive, it's now. People are dying by the thousands every day from this virus alone, not to mention all the other deaths that happen regularly. In this moment, and in every moment, being alive should be a celebration.

There are other reasons to celebrate too though. Like the first time a flower blooms in the season, when you see a friend, when you had a productive day, or when someone you love smiled. Think about how dogs are and how they celebrate every single time we come home. How amazing would life be if we were more like that, celebrating the small, everyday occurrences that make up our lives. Instead of letting our lives pass us by without even noticing. So what if instead, we had a party for the first flower of the season, or we jumped up and down every time we saw a friend, or we had a party for the average days. Better yet what if we blew out a candle every morning we woke up because we treated each new day like a birthday, and we made a wish and acted as if it was the only day we would get, so we lived it to the fullest, because the truth is, it just might be.

So take some time and decide what you want to celebrate and how. It doesn't matter if it's a big or small celebration, but plan something for this week. I think I am going to blow out a candle every morning for the day's birthday and make a wish for the day. Let me know what you decide to do in the comments below. Here's to the small moments!

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