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Updated: Feb 11, 2020

Spirit Society was born from an idea that Gretchen had three years ago while living in California. While she loved all the information she was learning from her PhD, wellness certification program, and just being immersed in the alternative lifestyle that is California, she missed the grittiness and fashion sensibility of New York, which is where she is from. She realized that no matter where she was she felt slightly out of place. In New York she felt like an outsider because she believed in alternative therapies for both physical and mental health, practiced clean eating, and had a strong spiritual practice. However, she also felt out of place in California within the wellness community because she was interested in fashion, enjoyed spicy margaritas, and was known to listen to pop music. She knew that there must be more people out there who wanted a mix of both worlds and wanted to create a space where people could learn about alternative well-being practices while also wanting a modern lifestyle.

When she moved back to New York she decided to pair up with two of her closest friends who had also been on their own wellness journeys. As a hair-stylist, Anastasia knows all things fashion and beauty and loves incorporating natural and non-toxic beauty into her and her clients routines. Maria is the yoga guru who loves to create fun and challenging yoga sequences while also dropping her wisdom that speaks to the soul. Together they create a dynamic and diverse team that is able to give a wide-variety of tips and techniques for anyone who is interested in living their best life and looking good while doing it. As life-long learners and growth junkies, the members of Spirit Society believe that they are not even almost done learning and are committed to sharing what they learn along the way.

At Spirit Society we believe in authenticity and not trying to be something you are not just to fit into a box. We believe that everyone is doing their best and if your best is drinking out of a plastic cup while using a reusable straw, or wearing a vegan leather jacket while eating a steak than you are welcome here. The goal is to do what lights your heart up with no judgement about whether that is right or wrong. So dance your heart out to Britney Spears, take cold ice baths, buy yourself a Chanel purse, or do an ayahuasca journey. Whatever it is just be happy and know that you have a space to go where you are seen, accepted, and where you can continue to learn.

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