Spring Cleaning for the soul

That glorious time of year known as spring is coming again. Its the time of year where we open our windows to get rid of the stale air, and start deep cleaning our homes. We dust under and behind furniture and clean out closets and drawers. However, it's not just our homes that need a good clearing, but our minds, our bodies, and our souls. This is a great time to do a detox to clean out any toxins that have built up in our systems. It's also a good time to take a look at any limiting beliefs, patterns, or old wounds that may have been stored in our bodies or minds and let them all go.

If you are stumped on how exactly to do that, look no further. This month's Mind, Body, Spirit Activation is going to be all about spring cleaning for our lives. In this two hour workshop, Maria will lead you through an intense detoxifying yoga flow that will stimulate lymphatic drainage and the release of toxins. While I will teach specific techniques to clean out limiting beliefs and old wounds from our psyche and bio-field.

We created these activations because we noticed how often people would go to healing workshops just to forget all the material once they walked out of the door. They weren't retaining the information enough for them to integrate it into their lives. So it wound up being a huge waste of time and money. After doing some research we found studies which have shown that when people do a physical activity while learning a new idea, it helps to embed the lessons into their body. This leads to a higher rate of retention. So by leading participants through a yoga flow while teaching them lessons on a specific topic, we are allowing them to embody the information in a way that they normally wouldn't in a traditional workshop atmosphere. This way they remember the material, making it easier to implement into their daily lives. We also wanted to create yoga flows that were not only challenging and nourishing but inspiring as well, and in these two hour events we have done just that.

These monthly activations are an experience that you will want to gift to yourself time and time again. To purchase a ticket and reserve a spot for March's Let it Go, Wring it Out event click the events tab above. We cant wait to see you there.

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