The 5 Best At Home Workouts During Quarantine

Even though all the gyms are closed and our normal workout routines have been thrown off, I think it is more important than ever to keep our bodies moving. Working out helps us let off steam, process emotions, and releases endorphins; all of which is needed right now. And seriously its never been easier to work out because everyone and their mother is offering a free workout class at least once a week online. So here is the run down of my favorite workouts happening online during quarantine.

1. Lekfit - This is my OG workout. I found it last year and was immediately hooked. This is a subscription based workout series that costs about $20 a month. As a subscriber you get three videos uploaded to the member portal every week. You will need a rebounder for the bounce class (which is my favorite) but the define class is just as good. The bounce class is so much fun though and its a killer workout. I burn a crazy amount of calories when I do it and yet its super easy on the joints.

2. Moves - This is one of my all time favorite dance classes. Before quarantine, I would take this class on Thursday nights in NYC but now they are doing instagram live dance classes every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 6pm EST. It's suitable for dancers of all levels and is a guaranteed good time. Not only is this class another amazing workout, but it will also leave you feeling like a sexy goddess.

3. Boss Family Dance - Allison and Twitch have been doing super fun 30 minute dance classes every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 10am PST. It is super upbeat and easy to follow with repetitive dance moves that gets the heart pumping. Plus you get to dance with Allison and Twitch, so what's not to love.

4. Jenna Willis - Jenna Willis is a celebrity trainer who works with a lot of the Vanderpump Rules celebs. She is the woman responsible for Lala's banging body, and if I can look anything like that I am sold. She is currently doing instagram live workouts on Wednesdays and Saturdays, at 11am PST. She is also doing a buy-in two month fitness journey starting April 20th that sounds pretty interesting as well (link on her instagram page for details).

5. Spirit Society - Wait isn't that us? Why yes, yes it is! We have been doing some movement classes on our instagram page as well. So far they have been a lot of fun and an incredible workout so make sure to keep checking our page for details on the next class.

Also dont forget a good old fashioned walk. I like to take a 30 minute walk every morning to get some fresh air and start my day with gentle movement. Otherwise, try out any of these workouts and let me know what you think or if you have something that I didn't mention let me know in the comments. Chances are if you take any of the instagram live classes, I will be doing it to so...Lets move together!

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