The Hairstyle that's Better Than a Botox

I love a good high ponytail. It's like an instant facelift and it can go with every single outfit; workout clothes, jeans and t-shirt, a dress, a bathing suit, or pajamas. It literally works with everything. So I wanted to walk you through how to get the perfect high pony.

Start with your hair down and dry. Spray your entire hairline with a flexible hairspray. Flip your head over and brush it downward towards the floor while spraying it again with hairspray. Gather all the hair together at the top of your head (a little behind your crown because the crown is too high) and flip your head upright. Use two rubber bands to tie your hair in place. I like to use two because it offers more support and holds it tighter. Separate the ponytail into two sections, one on the right and one on the left and pull them apart lightly to pull it tighter. However, if you pull too tight it can cause a lot of bumps. So a trick I like to use is to just take two small sections on the top of the pony tail and lightly pull them apart. If you are anything like our model Gretchen, you will have a ton of cowlicks and fly aways around your hairline. So spray your hair with hairspray again and use your fingers as a comb to push back the flyaways and smooth out the cowlicks. If you want your pony tail to be a little fuller give it a little tease. Otherwise, you're done.

It's quick. It's easy. And it looks good. Post a pic of your high pony and tag us on instagram.

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