Why I swear by acupuncture

If you are following me on instagram, you may already know how much I love acupuncture. I discovered it when one of my closest friends, Dr. Erin Hurme went to school for Chinese medicine. I have always had a very sensitive immune system and would get sick often, so as soon as Dr. Hurme graduated and opened up her practice she started treating me. In the beginning, I wasn't sure if it was just because she was my best friend or if she was really as good as I thought she was. However, when I moved to California, I tried out several acupuncturists and while some were good, none were as good as her.

I go to acupuncture for so many reasons, and it is so helpful no matter what I am going for. I have struggled with shingles since I was in college and I have gotten them upwards of 100 times over the years. Its super painful and happens on my nose so its impossible to hide. However, if I can get into to Dr. Hurme immediately, the combination of herbs and acupuncture takes care of it immediately. I also go if I strain my back or have any muscular injury and within a couple of visits I am back to normal. Honestly, anything I have gone to her for, from bronchitis to endometriosis, she has been able to take care of with a combination of herbs and acupuncture. And the thing I love most is that by going to Dr. Hurme, I dont have to take any traditional medicine that often comes with a host of side effects.

Acupuncture works by stimulating the nerves with tiny needles applied to the surface of the skin. It may sound terrible, but I promise it doesn't hurt. What it does do, is elicits a response from the body that stimulates the immune system, promotes wound healing, increases circulation, and/or modulates pain. Acupuncture is centered around bringing balance to the body and mind in order to keep you healthy and strong. It has been proven to help with insomnia, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, migraines, infertility, menstrual cramps, allergies and even cancer.

Cupping is also a huge part of Chinese medicine and is something I often have done when getting treated. If you have seen the famous pictures of Gwyneth Paltrow with the circular bruises all over her back, you have seen the remnants of cupping. It may look painful with all the bruises, but it actually feels really good. It is done using glass cups that are placed on your skin using a technique that creates suction and they are left on for anywhere from 5 to 45 minutes. It is almost a form of deep tissue massage that promotes relaxation, circulation, and helps to draw toxins out of the body. In the picture above I am getting a technique done known as the dragon and it incorporates both cupping and acupuncture.

If you are in the New York area, I can not recommend going to Amityville Wellness Integrated Health Center enough. They are now open and following strict Covid policies in order to keep their patients and staff safe, so you dont have to feel weird about going. If you go let me know, I would love to hear how your experience was.

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