Your Ultimate Guide to Letting Go

Spring ushers in a time when people begin to clear out their homes of accumulated junk and clean areas they often neglect. Some may even start a cleanse to do the same for their bodies. However, this cleaning ritual is recognized in spiritual communities as well. During this time of year, Christians observe Lent by fasting and/or giving something up for 40 days, while the Jewish community observes Passover by clearing out their homes of all leavened foods and products. Many other religious and cultural traditions are centered around doing some sort of clearing during this time as well, which signifies to me that there is something more to this than the average spring cleaning.

One reason the ritual of cleansing and letting go is so sacred, is because it allows us to reevaluate what is important to us. So often in our lives we get into routines or habits and we never take the time to think about whether or not they are serving us or if there is another, better way to do something. This season gives us the opportunity to do that, because in order to clear something out we first have to acknowledge that it is there and that it needs to go, even if just for a little while. Letting go also provides us with the space needed so that something else can come in. It gives us the space to begin to listen to ourselves. So often our days start by reaching for our phone and looking through social media. We spend our days doing and consuming. We constantly snack, listen to podcasts or audiobooks, we drink, smoke or watch tv only to numb ourselves and dull our connection to our inner guidance and Spirit. That is really what this cleansing process is all about; clearing out the blockers that get in the way of our relationship to self and Source.

However, over the years this cleansing ritual has been corrupted. It has become about depriving ourselves to prove our worthiness to God, as if God would want us to deprive ourself just for the hell of it (pun intended). Or we pick something arbitrary to let go of, just to say we did. For example, a few years ago I did a 30 day no TV challenge, and this year for New Years I gave up playing games on my phone. Both of these were difficult to do and also necessary for my wellbeing. In each case I definitely became more productive; I wrote more, read more, organized my living space, stayed on top of my to do list, but I was still just filling space. I think it is important not only to decide why you are letting go of something, but also what you are making space for, what you are allowing in or what you are replacing things with. Otherwise, its like clearing out your garage of all the crap you have accumulated over the years that you dont use or need, only to fill it right back up with a whole load of other crap that you also don't need. Its one thing to clear out processed food from your diet and replace it with healthy vegetables, because we all gotta eat. Its another thing, though, to clear out a behavior only to fill that space right back up just to stay busy. The point of all this is to be healthier versions of ourselves, but also to become more intimately connected to ourselves and to Spirit.

Spirit wants to be in communion with us and wants for us to feel its presence. The real reason we let go of something is to let God in. Try to take some time during this season to let go of something that is not serving you, or that has been blocking your connection to Spirit. If you are cutting out TV, dont rush to fill the time with something else right away, like endless scrolling through social media. Instead use the time to connect with yourself and with Source. Sit still and allow yourself to feel uncomfortable. and then give that discomfort to God. Nothing fosters a connection with someone like overcoming an obstacle together. So invite Spirit to be in this difficult situation with you so that it can help you through and lighten your load. The more you do this the more your bond with the Universe solidifies, creating a life-long ally.

Allow yourself to be bored as well. I think we have a fear of being still and bored for even a second. But when we can allow ourselves to actually feel boredom for awhile, that is when the true magic happens. That is when we get inspired to do something that actually fuels us and is more in alignment with who we are. That is when we realize that we actually want to paint our nails or maybe even a picture. Its when we feel a nudge to go for a walk, take a bath, or cook a healthy meal. and while those are all activities, they are done from a different place than of having to fill the time or occupy our minds so that we are numb and dont hear our inner wisdom. If we treat this clearing out as releasing the block to our inner guidance and Spirit, we can then begin to look for things to do that foster that connection.

Take some time to look at how you are filling your space and whether it is serving you or if it is blocking a real connection with Source and self. Then let go of whatever is getting in the way of your relationship with your higher self. Let yourself be supported by Spirit and inspired. If you look at the etymology of the word inspire, it means to "breathe or blow into" and "to guide through divine or supernatural power". So let go in order to let spirit breathe guidance into you. Happy spring cleaning!

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